As many businesses have learned over the past two years, managing teams outside of an office requires a different approach. You must connect the various distant experiences among your team members in addition to attempting to humanize video conversations and maintain visibility of all team activities. It is crucial to maintain an emphasis on each individual’s workload, work/life balance, engagement, performance, and experience to reach this goal. The question is, how do you go about it?

Our customers have also navigated to hybrid philosophy and are getting bullish on remote working. To meet the exact needs of our customers, DynPro aligned its resources. We have consultants all over the country.

As an organization with a large geographic spread, here are some ways we can engage with our national workforce:

  1. Engaging regularly: DynPro works hard to ensure our employees feel like they are part of our company. We utilize Microsoft Teams to chat and have video calls to check in and keep them in the loop. We also created industry teams to bring together our consultants who work on similar projects to get to know one another better.
  2. Electronic onboarding of new hires: Since we are a tech company, we must utilize technology to make onboarding more efficient. Before our employees begin work, our electronic system helps us gather necessary documents and set them up for success! We also host weekly onboarding meet-up calls and get a good orientation for them as they start on their projects. All employees of the company, regardless of the length of service or recent hires, are welcome to contact HR with questions.
  3. Quarterly Communications: Using our Ignite quarterly newsletter, DynPro communicates exciting information with our team about forthcoming events, news, and initiatives. Here we also share wins, client success testimonials, anniversaries and birthdays, and philanthropic events.

Remote working is the future of the modern workplace, and the sooner organizations prepare for it, the better. Employee motivation has always played a key role during such transitions and will continue to be vital for team productivity as you migrate and enhance your remote work setup.

It is important to remember that motivating a team never happens overnight in a new type of office environment. It is a long-term investment requiring consistency from you and your management team.