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DynPro SAP Solutions

For over 20 years we have been delighting
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DynPro Staffing Solutions

DynPro SharePoint Services

To view the larger picture you need the right information at the right time.

All the data you care about, right at your finger tips.

BI solutions provide a platform for businesses to build
collaborations among people with data

DynPro Business Intelligence


Our CRM solutions suite is customized to provide your business with top tier contact & customer management, salesforce & marketing automation, service & support automation and process automation.


DynPro is prepared to develop a SAP solution for your enterprise— to ensure that the massive volumes of information and disparate data is collected, organized, analyzed and reported— so you make better-informed, real-time business decisions.

Business Intelligence

Our Business intelligence allows your company to analyze data and use actionable information to help your employees and end users make more informed business decisions.

Traditional IT Services

DynPro provides clients with all the traditional IT solutions, including CRM, ERP, Business Intelligence, and Collaboration solutions as well as infrastructure design, implementation, and management.

IT Training

Keep your employees efficient and well organized with a custom training solution from DynPro. We can make sure your employees are always up to date on your software’s highest and best use practices.

IT Consulting

As your business grows and expands, DynPro can be your partner and serve as your IT Consultant, helping you make decisions that will be critical to the success and expansion of your business.

Our Global Services

Client Staffing Solutions

DynPro offers numerous staffing solutions, from onsite management of large contract workforces to specific direct-hire orders. Our recruiters can provide staff for every level and every niche to match your needs.

Corporate Virtualization

By streamlining and automating critical business processes, DynPro’s Virtualization Solutions will enable your employees to focus on maximizing work efficiency and differentiating your business.

Infrastructure Management

Our goal is to make IT infrastructure more manageable while aligning IT to your business’s goals, improving IT services, and optimizing your organization’s assets and resources, including IT staff time.

The DynPro Legacy

Please join DynPro as we celebrate twenty years of service to our global customers and community. Since 1996, DynPro has supported people, processes and technologies with organizations in the United States, United Kingdom and India. DynPro is a single-source solution center for business information technology challenges. With an organization of expert technology consultants and a panel of internationally accomplished business leaders, DynPro collaborates with its clients to fulfill IT solutions to business challenges. From consulting to Smart CRM— Collaboration and BI solutions— from ERP to Applications Management, companies can trust DynPro to provide the highest industry standards of IT project success —on-time and on-budget— every time.

DynPro is honored to be celebrating twenty years of service to both its global customers and global community. “Reflecting over the past twenty years, we never imagined this journey to have been so fruitful and so rewarding. We learned long ago, when we focus on the good of our clients and our community, positive things result”, stated Dr. Dhruv Gupta, CEO. “Right now, our hope and our plan is simply to extend this wonderful journey for another twenty years”, adds Sanjay Jain, President, DynPro.

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