Finance and Accounting leaders aim to improve the cash conversion cycle and mitigate enterprise risk. They also want to increase productivity and employee, customer & supplier Experience through digital transformation. But they often encounter the challenge of sub-optimal cash conversion cycle impacting liquidity, highly manual and error-prone processes which consume valuable time and add risk to decision making. It leads to employee dissatisfaction and attrition.

It is where automation comes in. Using software robots, you and your employees can streamline, simplify, and reduce labour by automating important (but mundane and manual) processes.

After implementing RPA, you will:

  • Reduce costs and free employees to focus on value-added work through agile, accurate, and efficient finance operations.
  • Reduce DSO by automating contract creation, order entry, billing, cash application, and collections.
  • Reduce DIO by automating ERP data entry processes and leverage OCR to extract and process documents.
  • Optimizing the Cash Conversion Cycle will improve liquidity and reduce capital costs.

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RPA Solution for Finance

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